Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are a means to participate in the financial markets, in which investors have access to the institutional strategies of the manages firm.

Through the funds, investors obtain a great diversification of their personal portfolio, achieving competitive returns which would be difficult to obtain on individual basis.

Stock Market

We offer access to this investment vehicle in the Stock Exchanges in order to be able to perform operations in the Capital Markets efficiently and in accordance with current technological requirements.

Money Market

In Vector Casa de Bolsawe offer you the best alternative for investing in Debt instruments.

Through our Money Market Desk -with the full support of our certified specialists- we participate in the primary and secondary market of Government and Private Debt Securities, whether in nominal fixed rate, real or revisable instruments.

Foreign exchange

We offer personalized attention and advice in the purchase and sale of the main world currencies.

Some of our services are:

  • National and international electronic transfer.
  • Buying and selling foreign exchange.
  • Rotated document on the United States
  • Documents and transfers on accounts in Mexico.
  • Cash currency.

Also, get to know our e-Currency platform where you can quote and agree on your exchange operations online 24/7.

Derivative Market

We offer the most complete variety of derivative products through futures contracts, forwards, swaps, among other products.

Our customers can set the price to buy or sell various financial assets such as dollars, euros, stocks, indexes and others, to be payed or delivered on a future date.

Corporate Financing

We advise our corporate clients on their debt financing needs by conducting a thorough analysis to determine the best terms and conditions of the debt to be structured.

Subsequently, we identify the lower financing alternatives through our network of contacts with banks, sofomes, private investors, among others.

GLOBAL Markets

For more information about VectorGlobal WMG, visit the site:

Fiduciary Services

We offer a range of fiduciary services for both natural persons and legal entities, through the structuring of Wealth Investment Escrows.

In addition, we provide specialized advice that allows you to have legal certainty of the application and destination of your assets in favor of your beneficiaries in the case of death, absence or disability.

Securities Lending

In Vector we offer the service of lending securities to individuals and corporations, nationals and foreigners.

With this, we increase the profitability of an equity position through the loan of the same, through the collection of a premium or prize, granting such values in personal borrowing to another investor; or requesting a stock loan from a third party.

All of this by making a short-sale and waiting for a future market decline to buy back, which allows a profit and/or return.

VectorPAI Individualization System

In Vector we provide a comprehensive service; from consulting to implementation, operation and administration of account individualization for the following services:

  • Savings Fund
  • Pooled Savings Fund
  • Pension Fund

Mutual Funds

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