Mutual Funds

Mutual Funds are a means to participate in the financial markets, in which investors have access to the institutional strategies of the manages firm.

Through the funds, investors obtain a great diversification of their personal portfolio, achieving competitive returns which would be difficult to obtain on individual basis.

VectorPAI Individualization System

In Vector we provide a comprehensive service; from consulting to implementation, operation and administration of account individualization for the following services:

  • Savings Fund
  • Pooled Savings Fund
  • Pension Fund

Specialized Services

We offer support to state and municipal governments in some of their functions to find high performance, decrease administrative burden, personal attention, and Individualization services.


The Investment Portfolio area offers you an investment scheme integrated with the best proposals of our team of strategists and portfolio managers that is designed according to the different investment profiles of our clients which seek competitive returns for their investments.

All portfolios have the support in the operation and monitoring from our Analysis, Money Tables and Capital areas, as well as the Risk and Back office areas, channeled through the Asset Management area.

Mutual Funds

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