In compliance with the General Provisions applicable to financial institutions and other persons that provide investment services (The Provisions), issued by the National Banking and Securities Commission (CNBV), published in the Official Gazzette of the Federation on the 9th of February 2016, Vector Brokerage House, puts at your disposal the Investment Services Guide.

Content of the Service Guide:

  • Investment Services
  • Stock Categories
  • Commissions
  • Claims Attention (Complaints)
  • Policies and Guidelines established by Vector Brokerage House to avoid conflicts of interest
  • Policy for the diversification of Investment Portfolios
Services Guide

Contratos y transferencia de valores a otras instituciones

In accordance with the provisions of the General Provisions applicable to brokerage firms issued by the National Banking and Securities Commission, brokerage firms are obliged to carry out the conductive actions so that their clients can terminate the intermediation contracts stock exchange that they had held with the brokerage firms themselves, by writing in which they express their willingness to terminate the legal relationship with that entity. Customers may at any time enter into such contracts with another brokerage house or with an intermediary of the securities market that provide them with portfolio management services in the name and on behalf of third parties, in accordance with applicable laws. In these cases, the provisions of the following paragraph shall apply with respect to the deadlines for transferring the respective securities and resources and terminating the contractual relationship upon receipt of the respective request from the client.

Clients may agree with any brokerage house or broker in the stock market with which they decide to enter into a stock brokerage or portfolio management contract in favor of third parties, that they carry out the necessary procedures to terminate the contract that have held with a brokerage house. The brokerage house with which the client has decided to terminate the contract, will be obliged to make known the brokerage house or intermediary of the stock market responsible for carrying out the respective termination procedures, all the necessary information for it. Likewise, they will be obliged to transfer the securities at the average acquisition cost of each of them and the corresponding resources object of the contract to the account in the name of the client(s) in the brokerage house or intermediary of the requesting stock market that they indicate and terminate the contract within 15 business days. For these purposes, the communication that the brokerage house of the intermediary of the requesting stock market will send in the terms provided in this article will suffice.

It will be the responsibility of the brokerage firm that requests the transfer of securities and resources and the termination of the corresponding contract, to have the authorization of the client or clients in question for the performance of the acts provided for in this article.

If the client whose termination of the contract is requested objects to said termination or the transfer of resources or securities made for not having granted the respective authorization, the requesting brokerage house will be obliged to deliver the securities and resources in question to the brokerage firm original within 10 business days. The foregoing, regardless of the payment of the damages and losses caused to the client and the applicable sanctions in terms of this Law.

The requests, authorizations, instructions and communications referred to in this article may be carried out in writing by means f an autograph signature or though the same mechanisms that were used to enter into the stock exchange intermediation contract, including electronic, optical or any other technology means that the parties previously agree, as long as the legal act in question can be proven reliably.

The brokerage firms must make known through the stock brokerage contracts, the manner and terms in which customers can terminate the contractual relationship, including the procedure for transferring accounts to another brokerage house or market intermediary of securities in accordance with the provisions of this article. Additionally, brokerage firms may disclose the provisions of this paragraph through information leaflets, their website, as well as in the investment services guide referred to in the “General provisions applicable to financial institutions and other people who provide investment services”, published on January 9, 2015 and its various modifications.