Capital Market

Securities are traded in the Capital Market with the purpose of meeting the capital needs of companies for the realization of long-term projects. Vector, within its Brokerage Services, offers the brokerage of shares, Ordinary Participation Certificates, Obligations and Securities listed in the SIC (International Quotation System).

Vector has been among the first places in Capital intermediation, thanks to the personalized advice we offer to our clients, which is necessary for the administration of their investments and the proper design of the Portfolios: tasks supported by our areas specialized in financial analysis and risks.

We have the best technology to help our clients make the best decisions. Through our equity area the client can develop his strategy to execute his operations in the BMV and / or BIVA.


Equity Investment instrument, its price and risk depend on the conditions of the company and the forecast of its future growth. Being a holder of a number of shares makes you a partner of the company.

The purchase of shares of different companies can help you diversify your portfolio and minimize the risk. The term in this value does not exist, since the decision to sell or retain it resides exclusively in the holder.

The price is based on the performance of the issuing company and the expectations of its development. Likewise, external elements that affect the market in general also influence its price.

The investor must carefully evaluate whether he can assume the implicit risk of investing in shares, if he prefers more conservative formulas, or a combination of both. In any case, the Stock Market must always be invested in order to obtain long-term gains, due to, with a good diversification, it is the best way to dilute the temporary losses of the market or of the share itself.

Professional advice in the Capital Market is essential, since our experts have the elements of analysis to evaluate the factors that could affect the price of a Share, both in the national and international economic environment (Technical Analysis) and in the company itself ( Fundamental Analysis financial situation, administration, valuation of the sector where it is developed, etc.)



Through the advice of our team of experts, we provide the necessary tools to obtain capital in the expansion, development and growth of companies. The Private Capital Market allows companies to plan their exit from the Exchange, at the time they have the right size and the best possible conditions.


In Vector, we provide Financial Advisory services in the processes related to the operation and efficiency of companies. We increase the value of your capital by creating strategies according to your interests, through a thorough analysis of opportunities and risks.


We participate as advisors in the design and implementation of Fusion and Acquisition strategies. We carry out a diagnosis of viability and convenience, through our highly effective Investment Analysis and Strategy Department, which provides not only relevant, timely and systematized information, but above all, an analytical opinion and judgment of the multiple elements that influence investment decisions.


They are credit titles that represent the individual participation of their holders in a collective credit constituted by the issuing company. The Obligations will have attached coupons and will give their holders, within each series, equal rights.


Securities listed in the International Quotation System (SIC)

The Global Mexican Stock Market is a mechanism designed to list and operate (within the scope of the Mexican Stock Exchange and under the regulatory and operational scheme of the SIC) securities that were not subject of public offer in Mexico, not registered in the Securities Section of the National Securities Registry, listed in foreign securities markets that have been recognized by the CNBV (National Banking and Securities Commission) or whose issuers have received the corresponding recognition by the mentioned Commission. Through the International Quotation System (SIC) you can operate securities from international exchanges such as companies in particular or ETF’s; Investment Funds with operating characteristics of a share.

For the Global Mexican Stock Market there are certain requirements established in the applicable Laws and Regulations, the possible acquirers of these securities are: Institutional Investors (PM) and Qualified Investors (PF).


  • A Qualified Investor is considered to be the person who maintains, on average during the last year, investments in securities for an amount greater than or equal to 1,500,000 investment units (UDIS)
  • That you have obtained in each of the last two years, gross annual income equal to or greater than 500,000 investment units.
  • Likewise, it will be necessary for you to provide Vector Casa de Bolsa with a letter in which you state that you know that these securities are not registered in the CNVB Securities Registry as well as that you understand and assume the risks of investing in this type of securities.