In Vector brokerage house we offer different alternatives for investment in Money Market instruments such as government, bank, or corporate securities at nominal, floating, or real rates, in terms of 1 day and up to 30 years.

Our mission is to offer the best alternative in Money Market products in order to meet your needs in terms of investment strategies, through the evaluation and analysis of economic conditions and their impact on the returns of the various instruments.

Our specialists and your financial advisor will help you make the best investment decisions from a risk, return and liquidity perspective. According to your investment profile, we can design the optimal portfolio that includes a mix of instruments with different terms and rates.


  • Report, desde 1 día y hasta 28 días teniendo como monto mínimo de inversión $1,000,000 de pesos. La tasa fija que recibirá al vencimiento se conoce desde que se pacta la operación, los títulos asignados podrán ser gubernamentales, bancarios o corporativos, gravados o exentos.
  • Direct, from 1 day and up to 30 years in government, banking or corporate instruments that are quoted at market levels and can perform purchase or sale operations.


  • Treasury Certificates û CETES.
  • Development Bonds û BONDES D.
  • IPAB bonds.
  • BONOS M.
  • Banking – Bank acceptances, bank notes.
  • Corporate and Stock Certificates, medium term notes.

In the Money Market Department, we have the purchase and sale of debt instruments of different characteristics and from different issuers, such as government and corporate securities, as well as institutional and personalized advise on the design of investment strategies.

Among the alternatives that we make available to the investing public, the following stand out among others:

  • Reports.
  • Purchase and sale of instruments.
  • Government Papers (Cetes,Bondes, BPAS).
  • Banking Paper, Corporate Paper and Private Paper.
  • Placements.
  • Government Auctions.
  • Position Management.
  • Institutional Portfolio.

Vector has one of the most dynamic Money Boards in the Mexican Market:

  • Traders with extensive experience in the Market.
  • Open lines with institutional clients.
  • Does not exist conflict of interest.
  • Institutional clients are served directly at the Board, avoiding the intervention of more people in the business line.
  • Wide availability to comment and analyze positions.