The Investment Portfolio area offers you an investment scheme integrated with the best proposals of our team of strategists and portfolio managers and is designed according to the different investment profiles of our clients which seek competitive returns for their investments.

Each proposal has been designed very carefully to achieve an optimal combination of instruments, following a defined methodology and respecting all operating rules, which are delivered to each client in writing.

The proposed portfolios are operated under an audited system that guarantees uniformity of movements in all the contracts involved, establishing controls to ensure their best execution.

Additionally, the proposed portfolios align to our clients’ objectives by implementing a commission system that is directly dependent on the results of the portfolios. To ensure transparency, this scheme is written in the investment mandate of the portfolio chosen by the client.

Added Value

  • Increase long-term customer performance.
  • Revisiones y presentaciones presenciales para el seguimiento del desempeño de la inversión.
  • Execution aligned to the objectives of our customers, always guaranteeing the best possible market price.
  • Analysis and operation committee dedicated 100% at all times to investment follow-up.
  • Methodologies already established for any possible scenario in global markets.
  • Timely strategy changes in response to any market situation.
  • Mandates tailored to the profile and/or investment regime of our clients.
  • Commission schemes aligned to the objectives of our clients.
  • Preventive and corrective operation systems.
  • Risk management.

Our portfolio range is made according to the type of instruments composing it: