Foreign exchange

Specialized advisors in the transfer of funds abroad, currency exchange and support to Corporate Treasuries through personalized attention.

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In Vector Casa de Bolsa we specialize in selecting the strategy of coverage to provide added value to our customers offering adequate financial instruments to reduce risk exposure, ensuring the type of exchange of its future operations.


Forwards of:

  • Exchange Rate (USD / MXN, EUR / MXN)
  • Flex forward
  • Forward pair
  • Forward with partialities
  • Structured Notes and Warrants of currencies, wild cards, stocks, indexes, rates and baskets.


Futuros of:

  • Exchange Rate (USD / MXN, EUR / MXN)
  • Titles of debt (TIIE to 28 days. SWAPS of 2 and 10 years referenced to the TIIE of 28 days. CETES 91 days. Bond (M39), (M5), (M10), (M20) and (M30) (UDI)

Options of:

  • Exchange rate


This area is specialized in the attention of Institutional Clients and Individuals with short, medium and long-term investment objectives. We design investment portfolios with institutional strategies, determined by our specialists in the area of ​​analysis, portfolio managers and strategists. Each portfolio is shaped according to the profile of each client, considering their investment horizon, risk tolerance and the global strategy of Vector.


In Vector Casa de Bolsa we are experts in the management of surpluses, both in national currency (MXN) and abroad (USD), with specialized products that cover the needs of performance, amount and term that our clients require.

Our main products:

  • Money Market: Live Investments and Reports.
  • Investment Funds: Attractive returns, flexibility in terms and amounts.
  • Certificates of Deposit (CEDES): Performance above Cetes, with IPAB guarantee.
  • Structured Notes: Possibility of higher yield with guaranteed capital.
  • VECTUSD Fund: For surplus checkbooks in dollars, with liquidity in 48 hours.
  • E-Vector: practical, safe and simple platform to trade stock financial products from anywhere in the world.

We specialize in customized solutions and personalized attention, in order to maximize our clients' resources.


The Fiduciary area is responsible for preparing Escrow contracts to administer and invest securities (money, shares) and thereby comply with certain obligations, either for payment or for the benefit of third parties.

Who is an Escrow for?

To moral persons (Mercantile Societies, Companies, Associations, Foundations. Government Unions, Municipalities, among others), who seek as purposes among many others, the following:

  • For the establishment of Funds for the payment of Retirement Pensions.
  • For the payment of Seniority Premium and Social Security Savings Funds among others.
  • To guarantee labor, fiscal or any other contingencies.
  • To cover training expenses, educational scholarships.
  • To benefit, through foundations, older adults and minors and those with different abilities.
  • For payment compliance.

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