We are a full-service broker dealer and wealth manager with specialized products and services designed for individual investors, companies, institutional funds, government and foreign investors.

Our leadership position leads us to the following added value:

  • Customer centric business via highly personalized advisory
  • Business culture based on risk management and ethical values throughout the firm
  • Avoid conflict of interest
  • High excellence teams
  • Innovation through development and application of cutting-edge technology

Facts speak for themselves

  • Vector underwrote the first SAPIB through the new regulatory framework
  • We are the first broker dealer to distribute Bank Certificates with IPAB guarantee
  • Vector launched the first Stock Certificates in Mexico for International Private Equity.
  • Launch of the first Mezzanine Fund in Mexico.
  • Certificación por una importante calificadora del mundo: Fitch Ratings.
  • Authorized Participant for Blackrock to be iShares operator: As of 2008, Vector is one of 14 authorized participants by Blackrock to operate ETFs.
  • Mutual Funds Leadership: Our mutual funds are recognized in the financial industry for their remarkable stability and competitive yields. With data from the renowned firm and international leader on investment analysis, Morningstar, “Vector Fondos” is the best fund management company in México for average assets per quartiles from 2016 to June 2019 considering gross returns.
  • In Vector, we strive to continue offering our Investment Funds to offer our clients the best combination of security and performance.
  • Mundo Ejecutivo Magazine puts Vector as the best Broker Dealer in Mexico in the “Where to invest?” ranking.
  • Financial Industry recognition: The prestigious World Finance magazine, with headquarters in London, picked Vector Casa de Bolsa as winner of its 2013 awards for best Broker Dealer in Latin America and best Financial Client Service in Latin America.
  • In the first edition of the Thomson Reuters “StarMine Analyst 2015” Awards for Latin America, we were recognized for being one of the most active contributors of 2014 with the “Partnership & Commitment Award 2015”.
  • Vector won the prize awarded by Consensus Economics in the category of “Accuracy in the Forecast of Mexico 2014”.
  • Bloomberg ranked with the #1 position at Vector Brokerage Firm as the “Best Forecaster of the Mexican Economy 2015”.
  • Constant Growth: The assets in custody have presented an average annual growth of 12% since 2010. Vector has presented a compound annual growth of 10% in net gross income from 2008 to 2018.
  • The annual net assets average growth of our mutual funds on the past 10 years (as of September 2019) is 14%, while the Mexican fund industry average growth is 10% in the same period.
  • We are a Socially Responsible Company, distinctive that granted by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy.

At Vector Casa de Bolsa, we reiterate our commitment to accompany all clients so that together we can build their financial projects, generating greater opportunities and better investment conditions, with the ability, experience and professionalism of the most qualified team in the securities market.

With more than four decades of multiplying wealth, Vector is global financial expertise at your disposal.

Calificaciones Vigentes

Nuestras calificaciones capturan una rentabilidad sólida y constante, respaldada por nuestro Modelo de Negocio Estable y variado. En Vector, nos llena de orgullo haber establecido un enfoque de negocio resiliente durante periodos de inestabilidad, fruto de una estrategia orientada a la amplitud geográfica y la diversificación de productos, además de la incorporación de la innovación como uno de nuestros fundamentos estratégicos. Esto, en combinación con la destacada calidad de nuestro talento, nos proporciona una mayor capacidad para enfrentar situaciones atípicas y la volatilidad inherente al mercado.

Fitch Corto Plazo Largo Plazo Perspectiva Informe
Vector Casa de Bolsa F1+(mex) AA-(mex) Estable Ver
Verum Corto Plazo Largo Plazo Perspectiva Informe
Vector Casa de Bolsa 1+/M AA-/M Estable Ver


We promote the creation of value in our environment, offering specialized financial services with global experience and personalized attention


To be a global benchmark for innovative financial solutions    


  • Veracity
  • Ethics
  • Collaboration
  • Transformation
  • Client Centric
  • Responsability