You can review

  • Official Statements.
  • Withholding certificates.
  • Movements of the month at the close of the previous business day.
  • Holdings of Shares, Investment Funds and Money Market.
  • Holdings of Shares, Investment Funds and Money Market.
  • Instruction Status
  • Assignments
  • Operations of the Day

You will also have access to Market Information

  • Prices and depth of shares.
  • Intraday and Historical Graphics.
  • Technical Graphing Calculator with features and types of graphs
  • Financial News
  • Content Information of Vector Business Analysts

Contamos con nuestra plataforma e-Vector, donde podrás:

Perform operations

  • Buy-Sell of Shares in Individual or Multiple Operations.
  • Buy-Sell Shares Globally with the participation of multiple contracts.
  • Modification and Cancellation of Trading Instructions with Shares.
  • Buy-Sell Investment Funds.
  • Short and Stop-Loss sales.
  • Notice of Deposits and Request for Cash Withdrawals.

Además, dentro de e-Vector Usted podrás hacer uso de nuestra plataforma e-Divisas, disponible las 24 horas del día para:


  • Historical operations.
  • Invoice consultation.


  • Registration of beneficiaries for transfers.
  • Purchase and sale of currencies with 24-hour coverage.
  • National and international currency transfers.