In Vector we offer the structuring of Investment Trusts, through specialized and personalized advice. Our services are:

  • Individual Investors: We establish family protection plans, such as creating funds for medical expenses, providing for children’s education, distributing and providing security to the patrimony in case of death or a physical impossibility.
  • Companies: We implement social welfare plans in favor of the workers; we promote technological development, employee training and scheduled compliance with labor obligations.
Fiduciary Services


It is a contract under which the company in Trust the reserves for the creation of a Fund for the benefit of its staff, complementary to that provided by the IMSS (Mexican Social Security Institute) through actuarial technique, where the objective is to accumulate during the active working life the resources necessary to maintain the standard for living during the period of retirement.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Recruitment of quality employees.
  • Reduction of staff turnover.
  • Increase in company productivity.
  • Greater cooperation in the transmission of knowledge.
  • Better public relations.
  • Scheduled compliance with obligations.

Las aportaciones que se efectúen para la creación o incremento de reservas para jubilación son deducibles de impuestos y los rendimientos que se obtengan de las mismas, están exentos de impuestos.

Savings Fund

It is a contract that is constituted with contributions made by both the workers and the company, with the purpose of investing sums of money in securities or loans to the participants, taking care of the fiduciary of the surveillance, management and administration for the benefit of the savers, who can withdraw it completely at the end of the employment relationship or once a year.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Tax deductible contributions, will not be accumulated to the real salary achieving a reduction in relation to IMSS, 5% Infonavit, 1% education and other benefits based on salary.
  • Savings banks are advantageously replaced, eliminating possible friction due to suspicions that usually occur in relation to the management of the Fund.
  • The worker avoids direct dependence.
  • They facilitate and strengthen the relationship between workers and the company.


Through this Trust a company in its capacity as trustee, periodically delivers to a Trust Institution, certain sums of money so that these technical reserves are invested, reinvested and managed and in its opportunity a Patrimonial Fund is integrated with charge to which pay the seniority premium to the personnel or beneficiaries of these that the company itself determines.