Analysis and forecast of the leading indicators and most relevant events of the Mexican economy.

Economic Flash: Brief and timely commentary on any relevant economic event.

Economic: Analysis of the most important macroeconomic indicators and events in Mexico. This document shows the factors that influenced each event, as well as its future impact.

Weekly: Weekly summary of economic, international, fixed income and changes, fundamental and technical reports.


Analysis of indicators and the most relevant events in the global economy.

International Flash: Brief and timely commentary on relevant economic indicators, indexes and international events.

International Summary and Perspective: Weekly overview of the global economy and/or international events that could influence it. This document is sent as a section within the Financial Weekly.

Fixed Income and Changes

Analysis and projections of fixed income instruments and the exchange market.

Flash Fixed Income and Changes: Brief and timely commentary on the foreign exchange market and government debt including market prices, auctions, short position and bond holding.

Fixed Income and Changes: Trend of international, national monetary policy and the evolution of the exchange rate, as well as its strategies.


Comprehensive analysis of the financial and operational behavior of companies and determination of the intrinsic value of the issuers that have coverage, listed on the BMV and its stock market performance.

Flash Issuer: Brief and timely comment, on some transcendental event, which could affect equity stations.

Start of Coverage: This is the methodological document that generates the fundamental area wherein the first exhaustive analysis of a station of which coverage will be carried out is formalized.

Company Commentary: Document that reveals a deep fundamental analysis of a relevant event in a company, including a recommendation.

Quarterly Reports: Different reports based on quarterly results of broadcasters in order Quarterly Replenishment Expectations, Quarterly Report Sheet, Commentary Quarterly Report by Issuer, Quarterly Results.

Calendar Assemblies and Dividends: Shows the date of assemblies of the companies that are part of the IPC and the dividends to be paid for their shares. This document is sent as a section within the Financial Weekly.

Sector Comment: Document that reveals a deep fundamental analysis of the components of a sector and shows a prospective overview of its performance.

Equity Market: Weekly panorama of the economy in Mexico and/or of international events that could influence it. This document is sent as a section within the Financial Weekly.


Retrospective analysis of the behavior of the volume and prices of different equity instruments, debt, currencies and commodities, with the purpose of defining their trends.

Technical Flash: Short and timely technical commentary on a financial instrument.

Technical Journal: Document that shows an overview of the performance that markets will have during the day, but from a technical perspective.


Fundamental Recommendations: Recommendations of analysts based on the financial information available from quarterly and annual reports, as well as communications and relevant news from the issuing companies. The recommendations include the Intrinsic Value calculated and are classified as Purchase, Maintain and Sale.

Technical Recommendations: Recommendations from analysts that are based on the trend grounded on historical quotes without taking into account financial data. The recommendations are based on tools such as graphics, volume, and other technical indicators and are classified as Buy, Hold and Sell.

Model Portfolios

Fundamental Model Portfolio: Portfolio model based on fundamental analysis of Vector analysts. They keep daily monitoring of positions and agree on purchases and sales at a weekly strategy meeting.

Technical Model Portfolio: Model portfolio based on technical analysis of Vector analysts. The positions consider transaction costs and diversification parameters.

ETFs Model Portfolio: Model portfolio based on economic analysis of Vector analysts. They consider positions transactions and diversification parameters.


Daily issued documents with relevant subjects that affect timely decision making.


Banxico recorta 25 pb la tasa de referencia. Inflacion subacente dictara siguientes ajustes con independencia de la FED

A la 1 de la tarde Banco de Mexico recorto la tasa de referencia local en 25 puntos base, tal como lo esperaba el mercado. Con esto, la tasa objetivo[...]


Los mercados reaccionan favorablemente a mejores noticias

Los futuros accionarios estadounidenses anticipan una apertura positiva de las bolsas alentadas por los comentarios del asesor economico de la Casa Blanca. Larr Kudlow, de que EU China estan cerca[...]


Monitor economico internacional

Estados Unidos ? Las ventas al menudeo se aceleraron durante octubre creciendo 0.3% vs -0.3% en septiembre. La cifra core se acelero a 0.2% de -0.1% durante el mismo periodo.[...]



Politica Nacional de Vivienda Augura un Buen Sexenio Para el Sector Martin Lara (+52) 556413-8563 @MIRANDAPARTNERS Reporte Preparado por Miranda Global Research para Vector Casa de Bolsa, S.A. de[...]

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