Corporate Information

Added value

  • More than 34 years of experience in the financial industry.
  • Updated information available through diverse channels: At Vector we offer online operation and account management services, along with real-time financial information. An extensive report catalogue which provides investors with expert information, opinions and analytic judgments over the multiple variables that affect investment decisions is also available; as are optional services such as the delivery of information to a personal assistant (PDA) and event warnings.
  • Extensive distribution net: Vector has 17 offices which are connected by a state-of-the-art telecommunication infrastructure that links voice, data, and video for immediate exchange of information.
  • Leader in the mutual fund market: Vector Casa de Bolsa was the first stock brokerage firm to obtain a 5 star rating in mutual funds and maintain it for 3 consecutive years on Standard & Poor’s Star Ranking. Two of our mutual funds obtained the highest marks in 2007 while the remainder retained their privileged position (60% of assets ranking 4 stars or superior) within the Mexican mutual fund market.
  • Patron of sustainable investment: Vector Casa de Bolsa was ratified by the United Nations as patron of sustainable investment on October 1st 2007, acknowledging our dedication to the promotion within the Mexican investment community of the economic benefit provided by sustainable business, as well as environmental and social responsibility. Vector Casa de Bolsa is the first stock brokerage firm in Mexico and third in Latin America to receive this distinction.

  • Management of record keeping: We are pioneers in the customized development of systems for account management that focus primarily on savings funds, pension funds and savings-bank.
  • VectorGlobal WMG, stock brokerage firm based completely in New York City.
  • We offer to our clients the best exchange rates available.
  • Positive Credit Rating: On September 28, 2007, Fitch Ratings ratified Vector Casa de Bolsa’s risk rating of A- (Mexican Scale) for long-term investment and F2 (Mexican Scale) for short-term investment, raising its credit rating from “Stable” to “Positive” in view of its positive financial performance.
  • Proved operation security: Vector is the first stock brokerage to receive high ratings in risk rating, granted by two of the world’s most important raters in the financial industry: Standard & Poor’s (July 200) and Fitch (June 2006)
  • Pioneer in the rating of mutual funds: In order to further eliminate conflict of interest at Vector, all our mutual funds are rated by Standard & Poor’s.
  • Service quality with ISO 9001:2008: We are the first Mexican Securities Broker/Dealer to be ISO 9001 certified. We first achieved certification in 2000 in Treasury Liquidation Process, and as of 2009 in the Contracts Management Process, always seeking to provide the highest service quality to our clients.
  • State-of-the-art technology and quality in Risk Management: One of Vector’s main objectives is the creation of a Risk Management culture throughout all the ranks of the organization by using tools and reports for decision making. This information is generated by the Risk Management team using the most modern technology and methodologies available.
  • Zero conflict of interest: Our organizational structure allows us to guarantee the non-existence of conflict of interest to our clients.
  •  A standard of excellence in service and personalized attention provided by our select group of highly trained financial advisors.
  • Highly qualified personnel: Having over 15 years of experience in the financial industry and an average of 11 years with Vector, our management team inspires our clients’ confidence and backs the quality of our products and services.