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At Vector Banca de Inversión we focus on satisfying the financial needs of medium and large enterprises through our two business areas.:

Corporate Finance

  • Corporate Debt: Programs for short-term issuances (up to 1 year) and long-term (1 year and up)..
  • Structured Debt: Securitization programs for revenues derived from credit assets, accounts receivable or future flows (taxes, infrastructure projects, etc.). This financing is long-term and outside our clients’ balance sheet.
  • Capital Issuances: Public offerings for sale, purchase, and stock buybacks.

We create optimal structures and solutions, tailor-made and in accordance with the needs of each one of our clients, seeking the placement and pulverization of market instruments by means of our broad portfolio of investor clients.

In general, issuance begins at a minimum of $100 million pesos, in the case of short-term corporate debt, with the purpose of supporting medium size enterprises throughout their entire institutionalization process.

Financial Advice

For those companies that are not yet ready or that have no interest in venturing into the Stock Market, we have a team of executives with proven experience for over two decades in financial and business advisory services to provide support to medium and large businesses in their debt and capital financing by means of private transactions with domestic and international entities.

  • Comprehensive Advising: Advising in the optimization of the terms and conditions of companies’ capital structure. We increase the value of companies’ capital by developing strategies in accordance to the interests of their shareholders, by means of a thorough analysis of the opportunities and risks for different financing alternatives via capital or debt.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: We have a highly qualified team in the processes for Mergers, Acquisitions and Sale of businesses or equity shares, which allows us to be very efficient in the identification and negotiation all relevant aspects of the Transaction. We provide support to businesses in planning, structuring and negotiation of the operation at all times seeking to maximize value for the shareholders.
  • Private Equity: We offer the necessary tools for obtaining capital during the expansion, development and growth stages of companies. The Private Equity Market allows companies to plan going public, as soon as they have the right size and under the best possible conditions.