Vector Analysis


An integral analysis of company financial and operational performance and a calculation of the intrinsic value of stocks we cover and how they performance on the Mexico Stock Exchange (MSE).

  • Company Comment.

    Provides a thorough fundamental analysis on a company specific event including a recommendation.

  • Quarterly Report Outlook.

    Compendium of expectations ahead of quarterly financial reports. Includes the stocks VectorAnalysis covers and describes what is expected from the report including its most important data.

  • Company Flash.

    Brief commentary on a significant event that could affect the stock prices.

  • Quarterly Report Sheet.

    Executive summary that contains the balance sheet, income statement, multiples, ratios and other financial data from the quarterly report of companies that trade on the MSE.

  • Quarterly report comment about companies.

    Analysis of the financial data contained in a company’s quarterly reported along with an investment recommendation.

  • Quarterly Results.

    Report containing brief commentaries about results companies report each quarter.

  • Calendar of Shareholder Assemblies and Dividends.

    Lists the dates on which the shareholder assemblies of IPC listed firms are scheduled and their dividend payments. Appears in the Financial Weekly.

  • Initiating Coverage.

    The methodological text produced by the fundamental research department that formalizes the initial, exhaustive analysis of a company on which VectorAnalysis is beginning coverage.

  • Variable-rate Market.

    Weekly view of the Mexican economy and/or major international developments that could have a local impact. Appears in the Financial Weekly.

  • Sectorial Comment.

    A thorough fundamental analysis on components of a sector and its prospective performance outlook.