Vector Analysis

Why is it important to follow VectorAnalysis?


Why is it important to follow a brokerage’s analysis?

A brokerage’s research department is focused on keeping investment advisors and customers informed about what is going on in markets, when it is happening and the importance they may have on recommended investment products.

Why VectorAnalysis?

VectorAnalysis has teams specializing in each of the spheres that influence its areas of investment expertise (Economic, International, Fundamental, Technical, Fixed Income and Currency), that are dedicated to analyzing markets day to day, providing a clearer view of decision making regarding such investments.

We provide you with timely and specialized information, opinion and recommendations relevant for your fundamental investment decisions.

Below we briefly describe each of the areas that will be at your service as a Vector customer.

What types of analysis does VectorAnalysis provide?


A macroeconomic overview of the country along with the best strategy for protecting your investments.

Economic Research Department publications:

  • Economic and Financial Agenda
  • Economic
  • Mexican Economy
  • Flash Economic
  • Mexico: Weekly Outlook.


A macroeconomic look at the global economy along with the best strategy for protecting your investments.

  • International Flash
  • US Weekly Summary
  • World Equity Markets
  • Mexico Stock Prices
  • US Stock Prices
  • US Financial Reports


We recommend the most assertive and opportune strategy for achieving the best returns you’re your variable rate portfolio.

  • Calendar of Shareholder Assemblies and Dividends
  • Model Portfolio
  • Model Portfolio
  • Small Cap Model Portfolio
  • Company Comment
  • Sectorial Comment
  • Quarterly Report Outlook
  • Company Flash
  • Important News
  • Quarterly Report Sheet
  • Quarterly Report Compendium
  • Initiating Coverage
  • Variable-rate Market
  • Quarterly report
  • Valuation and Opinions de Investment
  • Quarterly Results


We recommend the most assertive and opportune entry and exit prices for the financial instruments best suited for you portfolios.

  • Technical Analysis
  • Intraday Equity Table
  • Technical Daily
  • Technical Flash
  • Technical Recommendations
  • Commodity Technical Report
  • Currency Technical Report
  • Technical Report on One-day Bank and Government Paper and Bonds
  • Technical Portfolio
  • Technical Weekly

Fixed Rate and Currency

We create the strategy through which your savings can be placed in a low risk investment.

  • Daily Fixed Income and Currency
  • Fixed Income and Currency
  • Primary Government Securities
  • Mbono Relative Value
  • Fixed Rate Mbono Portfolio

With what frequency are VectorAnalysis products published?

VectorAnalysis products are quickly produced and distributed to our customers. Our most frequently consulted materials are published on the following basis:

  • Daily: Market Opening, Daily Comment, Fixed Income and Currency and Technical Daily
  • Weekly: Financial Weekly, Technical Weekly, The ABCs of investing, Auction Results.
  • Quarterly. Quarterly Report Documents: (Quarterly Report Preview, Quarterly Report Sheet, Quarterly Results).
  • Annual: Annual outlook reports.
  • No set frequency: Flashes (Company, Economic, International, Technical, Fixed Rate and Forex), Company Comment, Vector Net C@lls.

What is the difference between technical and fundamental analysis?

Technical analysis studies patterns in the price behavior of a stock, index or any good available in the equity market, and employs charts to recommend a good time to buy or sell an asset. Fundamental analysis bases its opinions on information that determines a stock’s valuation, drawing on company reports and guidance, and other news to form opinions about a specific stock.

How can I receive VectorAnalysis products?

Contact your personal Vector advisor and he will indicate what subscription best matches your profile.

What value added can you expect from VectorAnalysis?

At VectorAnalysis were are interested in accompanying our clients in arriving at the best decision making based on their specific risk profile, providing them with basic, intermediate, or advanced level information with which to enrich their financial culture and help them enhance the value of their portfolio.

Some of the most notable products were offer include e-conferences (Vector Net C@lls), The ABCs of Investing in both video and text form, as well as all the other products the department produces that we described above.

Another way to access these educational and informative products is through VectorMedia, which contains Vector Casa de Bolsa’s multimedia content. VectorMedia channels comprise the SecciÜn VectorMedia within the electronic trading platform and social networks such as Youtube (Canal VectorMediaTV), Twitter(@VectorAnalysis, @VectorCB, @eVectorMX), and Facebook (Vector Casa de Bolsa).

With an expert team of experienced analysts that cover the range of investment markets, Vector Analysis provides timely service and assertive information for optimal decision making.